What’s wrong with this picture

SOUTH PALM BEACH, FL ā€” Well, listen and I’ll tell you. What’s wrong with this picture is that it if it was taken sometime last year you could see the sign for Tropicana Gardens, which is the next door neighbor to 3605.

You can, if you are on foot, and crane your head around, like this:

See. The reason you can’t see it when you’re driving by in a car, looking for it, so you know when to turn on your turn signal and not cause a Mercedes, Cadillac pile-up on State Road A1A is because the nogoodfuckingbastards in the condo next door decided to plant a tree right in front of the sign that helps guests of 4001 Tropicana . . . know where they are going.

The ngfb’s at 3605 have explained that when the tree grows people will be able to see most of the sign, so what’s the big deal. They also are said to have advised the people at Tropicana to move their sign.

None of which seems like they are treating their neighbors as they would wish to be treated. It’s hard to imagine an imported, exotic tree is that important.

In the meantime, a friend of mine who lives out west about two miles away has been waging a three-year battle with his home owner association to be allowed to plant flowers and vegetables in his own backyard which fronts a drainage ditch they call a lake there, so it won’t look quite so much like a post-apocalyptic scorched earth wasteland. It’s hard, again, to imagine the other side of that argument, but my friend assures me that the HOA not only wants it to look like, but to be a scorched earth wasteland, and have demonstrated this with a ruthless use of pesticides and herbicides in the drainage ditch to make sure nothing put there by nature survives.

Which is all to explain why, when homeowner associations, which could be expected to act in their own best interests, and those of their immediate environment, instead do nasty meanspirited petty bullshit things like that instead, we, a vast diverse nation are in such deep shit.


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