What an Asshole Gerald(o) Rivera is

Long ago the former Gerald Rivera was a local news reporter when he got a scoop about terrible conditions at an institution for mentally disabled children and became a star. He could have done all kinds of things with the fame that one story earned him. He ran with it — all the way to a trash talk show on which he got his nose broken in a staged fight, and then to Fox News.

Which is all to say he has little reason to believe that his judgement is so sound that he needs to weigh in on anything, let alone the painful and angering lessons surrounding race, law enforcement and gun laws, and the sorrowful tragedy of the death of Trayvon Martin.

But, the asshole formerly known as Gerald, who added the “o” when he launched his tv news career, does in fact know something about the powers of ethnic symbolism, and perhaps for that reason, felt he had cracked the case of Trayon Martin’s killing: The Hoodie did it.

I know that sounds silly, so let’s use Gerald(0)’s words instead. He wrote on his blog for Fox News:

His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman did

What a relief. Problem solved. All we need is a dress code for black kids, and we will live in a sane, just and safe world. Thanks Gerald(o). Let me guess how Gerald(o), who points out, conciliatingly, that his own son is “dark” (along, so help me, with being “dashing” and “handsome”) could deal with the inevitable objections to his solution.

Like, what if it’s cold out, or other form of apparel sets off some other lunatic with a gun? Perhaps, better than a dress code for black kids, a curfew would be even safer.

But maybe there’s a fairness issue there — is it really so wrong to want to run out to the convenience store to pick up some ice tea and skittles after dark, even if you are black? Good point — perhaps separate neighborhoods could solve that problem. In fact an apartheid system.

The idea is, one way or the other, to keep black kids wearing hoodies off the streets they may share with the next George Zimmerman — for their own sake. As Gerald(o) explains:

“Whatever Reverends Sharpton and Jackson say in Florida Friday, after listening to the 911 tapes and hearing the witness’ testimonials, I believe Trayvon Martin would be alive today but for his hoodie.”

Also but for George Zimmerman’s gun, you asshole, Gerald(o), but first things first.


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