I Love a Parade

LANTANA, FL — I’m lucky to live in a town where enough people want to be last, to make a decent parade. The little bridge that tied the island to the mainland is 62, which makes it an artifact of ancient times in Florida years, which means it has to be replaced. That’s how we do here. It will be a hardship to be without a bridge for nearly two years; probably the severing of that tie will put the few businesses still open at the failing island shopping center out of business.

But we celebrate history here, and our history is vivid because many people still walk among us from such ancient times as 50 years ago. So we future artifacts gathered today, in a bid to be the last somethingorother to cross the soon to be historical bridge.

The last petsitters to cross the bridge:

The last hearse:

The last young men with style to cross the bridge:

The last heart surgeon:

The last Puhalainens:

And, fittingly, the last bastion of good local journalism:


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