RSSF, Part Deux

This is what the guy who wrote the look at me I’m quitting my job as a money pimp at Goldman Sachs because I have more integrity than any of the other pimps I work(ed) with reminds me of.

The guy, who “isn’t highly paid by Wall Street standards — earning about $500,000 last year . . .” or about 10 times the salary of a veteran public school teacher, figured out a business that produces only money — is built around greed. Well, I’ll be. Since it took him 12 years to figure that out, I’m sure glad he isn’t handling my money.

That an economy built around finance rather than products and services that benefit the larger society is not a healthy one is something many of us figured out a few years ago when we lost our jobs, our property values plummeted, and our tax dollars were diverted to corporate welfare cheats.

I kept hoping for something juicy, at least, something I didn’t already know from this guy’s story, and I’m sure there was more to tell. Like what he was thinking about during the Occupy protests.


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