Personhood and Peace in Our Time

I got an idea that could end the whole Republican war on women. In fact in the essence of bilateralism, that’s where I got the idea. Call it the sincerest form of flattery, if you will, the idea is this: A Personhood Amendment for Women.

It would define women as people, too, and make any effort to wrest control of their bodies away from them a Crime. Propose legislation that would take away women’s reproductive choices? You’ll be impeached. Consider making women pay for prescribed contraception? You lose your own cushy congressional health plan. And do your community service in a daycare center. Suggest crazyass, rapist-minded laws requiring vaginal ultrasounds for healthy women? Off to pound-your-ass penitentiary for you.

Sounds crazy, but it just might restore dignity to our discourse, allow us to focus on real life and death issues, and bring peace in our time.


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