The Kafue Queen and Capt. Jack Russell


KAFUE, ZAMBIA — Here is Capt. Jack Russell, who stole my heart aboard the Kafue Queen, where we went yesterday in search of water.


Half an hour out of Lusaka in the Pajero (and we went, as the old tv movie called it, “like normal people,” against all odds, with not a single scream from me, or the hands-thrown-in-front-of-the-face routine, followed by a full-throated bellow, by him — not once), we got away from black plumes of exhaust, tooting horns, traffic lights and phone card vendors (not to mention those selling shirts, pants, laundry hangers, tv antennas, jumper cables, board games, toilet plungers and puppies at interections) it offers no animals besides the captain, but a glimpse of what the continent offered those who came to pillage rather than enjoy.


And Captain Jack, whose ancestors came, stayed, and did well, showed the value of appreciating what is there.



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  1. I have a jack russle

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