Things are different here


LUSAKA, ZAMBIA — Still a little rattled from the day at the end of my first week here when I rented a car from my hotel and got two flat tires within a couple of hours, I double-checked on my way out today to make sure I had my cell phone — in case of an emergency.

Then I realized I wouldn’t know who to call. Then I realized, I wouldn’t need to call anyone. My neighborhood, and perhaps this is why I picked it, has two of these impromptu Tire Kingdoms on facing corners at the first big intersection. Even in less favored surroundings, someone will not be far who can and is available to fix something for you that needs fixing. That is an improvement, sadly, from the world of road clubs and tow trucks I come from. I once waited two hours, in the dark on the side of I95 in West Palm Beach for AAA to come when I had a flat.

It took me a while to figure this out, but if you need a plumber, just look for this:



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