When the right thing isn’t the good thing

the-postLUSAKA, ZAMBIA — Here is the Post Lusaka-style, where apparently, Page Six meets National Geographic, with a little National Enquirer thrown in. It is the only major independent newspaper in town. The other two are government owned.

Of those, the Daily Mail claims to deliver the news “without fear or favour,” but that’s a tall order when the publisher runs the entire country, and the Daily Mail tends to run stories that rely only on government officials for information.

The Times makes no such lofty claim, and accordingly, often reads like campaign literature for the ruling party.

One would like to support the Post, then, which recently seems to have brought down a cabinet minister who seems to have benefited from a shady deal with Zamtel, the nation’s telephone company. It is hard to tell exactly what she did though. This paper, which often reads like campaign literature for the losing party, is all inside baseball. And its owners is embroiled in a scandal of their own. Between launching attacks on its enemies and defending itself, it is, sadly, more often than not, the most unreadable of the newspapers.


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