Sad but true


PALM BEACH —The king of the beach we met today will be gone by this time tomorrow, his pieces scattered, parts of some new whole.

As at the end of some day, so will we all, and so will the walls of rust and crumbling concrete that stand before homes that will be gone too, thankfully.

What a wonderful beautiful beach we would have then, a setting for the very essence of life, its ebb, its flow, its gifts uncaged, although we who are here now will likely not be here to see it, or will regard the setting as one of disaster if we are.

All the while, this, that went up in a day, to be gone the next, is a far greater monument to human mastery of nature than all the mansions and walls.


2 Responses

  1. Ah, yes, the Lion that appeared in Chapter 6, Volume 3, of Facebook story.

  2. Beautiful prose.

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