The difference between compromise


LANTANA, FL — The difference between compromise and appeasement is as vast as the difference between politics and policy, the difference between co-optation and cowardice.

When on election night voters in three states chose to preemptively take away the rights of some of their fellow Americans with same-sex marriage-banning amendments the echo of Kristalnacht’s tinkling glass was all bu drowned out by the rapture of Obama’s victory. And in spite of that roar, the sound of broken glass from those three states, including this one, said that although we had reason to celebrate, we were far from showing the potential of our humanity.

And on inauguration day, we will be further than we could have been.

Which is to say that when the Pastor Rick Warren delivers the invocation at our next president’s inauguration, some of us will be feeling the difference between feeling disappointed and feeling betrayed.



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