Happy Holidays


MONEY DON’T CARE WHO OWNS IT, FL ā€” So here in one of the top 20 wealthiest towns in America, this is how they celebrate the holidays, which by whatever name, elsewhere are celebrated in the name of hope, faith and love for others.

“The staff and I would like to wish you all happy holidays,” an employee of the governing body said.

“Did you say ‘happy holidays, or merry Christmas?’ one of his bosses, whom we might as well call Scrooge, said threateningly, having enjoyed bullying the employee publicly for the last hour and a half, and showing not the least sign of fatigue.

“Personally, I would say ‘Merry Christmas,'” the employee replied hastily, “but I did say ‘Happy Holidays.'”

That he worked for these people already served as evidence that he was not the sharpest implement in the cutlery drawer, and he was covering as many bases as he could identify as important.

“We don’t accept happy holidays,” his interlocutor rejoined, to the laughter and similarly spirited repartee of his four peers, all of whom chimed in, in this public meeting. “We say Merry Christmas here.”

What class, what wit, what spirit of the season.

The rich, I guess, really are different from you and me.



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