Aside from everything else

lantanaatdawnLANTANA, FL — The sun really does glitter like jewels scattered the inky Intracoastal in the morning, when an angler with four rods propped against the bridge rail sprawls on a stool to the side, his head back.

The bridgetender sprawls too, chair tilted, feet on desk, basking in the warmth of his glass-sided house.

The bright light blue sky makes the stuff of postcards pale in comparison and the strip of teal Atlantic that shows from the top of the bridge, dances just past the fingertips of an outstretched arm.

So aside from a time of woe that has left some people with more houses than they can afford, some with none at all, nowhere to learn local daily news , and people not yet old here wondering if the best days of their lives are all behind them, the world shows itself off in the morning in Lantana, as not a bad place to be.


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