I don’t get it



VERY WEALTHY TOWN, FL — Because this is an anonymous blog, the town I visited recently will not be named, and neither will the people who are prominent in that town, who aired their political opinions in a public, but scantly attended forum.

“Nobama!” one of them said, after another expressed embarrassment over displaying Republican campaign materials with both candidates names.

“I wish we had a better candidate,” another one sighed.

“Yes, but he’s what we’ve got,” a third reminded.

The point made seemed to be that while they don’t embrace McCain, and are downright repelled by his g’droppin’, trash-talkin’,  blue-collar flauntin’ runnin’ mate, they feel an obligation to the party that had helped them get where they are.

Where they are is one of the 20 wealthiest towns in the United States — I can’t be more specific without giving it away — and it is on Florida’s South East coast, with all the benefits, including places to put their boats, albeit that that is amidst the partly treated sewage is pumped directly into those very waters.

In any case, their loyalty, a friend of mine pointed out is understandable.

What my friend doesn’t understand is people who support the Republican ticket who have been less handsomely rewarded, people who are suffering, act from the policies embraced by McCain.

“It must be utter stupidity, a deep love for war, or racism,” my friend guessed.

The form that enthusiasm takes at McCain and Palin campaign events supports my friend’s theory.

But, as Governor Palin’ has taken to pointin’ out at rallys lately, there may be more to this mystery.

“You get it!” she says, praisin’ her supporters. “That’s what I like about you, in small town America. You really get it.”

I don’t get it. But then, apparently, neither do my acquaintance in Very Wealthy Town, Fl, who, however, will hold their noses and vote in their own interests.


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