Why do I find Sarah Palin as repellant/riveting as I do?

I have to ask because while I am noticing I am far from alone in that, I am noticing that some people only find her repellant — which at least I understand —  and some don’t find her repellant at all — which frightens me to the point that, were I to dwell on it, the ensuing anxieties that bubble just below whatever veneer of normalcy I manage, would keep me from leaving the house.

First, I am grateful/enabled by those who, like me, are horrified enough by the recent interviews — Gibson and Couric — as to not be able to leave them alone. I feel their pain, salute their courage in watching these interviews all the way through (as one parody noted, this investment of time undoubtedly cost us all valuable brain cells) and in the case of these artists who I stumbled across somehow left enough to wring out a laugh:

and, oddly, my favorite, possibly  because of the “shitburgers” narrative augmenting the deer-in-the-headlights-stare (for which nobody can out-palin Palin):

I like these because their incorporation of class-conscious contempt almost matches Palin’s in her take on the class war.

Which brings me back to the most trivial remark she has made on record yet (as opposed to the horror of smug insistence that she is so pro-life that she would apply her belief that rape victims should bear their attackers’ offspring to her own daughter — and likely has — as well as her insistence that all the comprehension and critical thinking required of a world leader can be had from one’s view on a clear day of “a foreign country”). The most trivial remark is also her most chilling for the level of ignorant intolerance of all people not her, when she is asked why she lacked the curiousity to ever visit another nation (I will leave you with this as I think it answers my question; in the following clip she expresses her anger, bias and disdain not only for those who worked second jobs TO travel, but volunteers, and even the missionaries who might otherwise find sympathy with some of her other sentiments. In other words she is smug, angry and not someone to turn your back on. And we might as well laugh now, as someday doing so may be an arrestable offense):


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