A chance to take off the muzzle

Here in South Florida we know how hard it is to sort priorities when disaster is looming. When a hurricane spins toward us, we stock and board our homes, gas our cars and then we go to work. But you can’t be everywhere at the same time.

So certainly we, if anyone, can sympathize with Sen. John McCain as he belatedly turns his attention to the economic catastrophe his party’s prediliction for getting “big government” off the backs of big business has wrought.

And if he wants to suspend his campaign for a few days while he proves he could have done more to keep the financial ruin that looms before us from happening in the first place, good for him.

But the apparent conflict this poses to him between (belated) call of duty to his senatorial responsibilities to defend our interests, and his scheduled debate need not necessitate falling short in either regard.

This is the perfect opportunity to show his careful, thoughtful, well-researched pick of running mate (and our future president, the actuarial tables indicate) Sarah Palin is ready, right now to take his place when needed.

And our chance to see a pit bull with lipstick in action.


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