The rich get richer, the poor get migraines

LAKE WORTH — Actually this story begins in Mexico where I got a migraine and then an over-the-counter cure that took it away.

I am no stranger to headaches; I have been a stranger to cures, so this was an important development for me. I would have bought out the pharmacies of Mexico, but it was expensive there.

I went to see the doctor today and he, pleased to meet a problem he could solve without leaving his chair, tapped something into his PDA or whatever it is that has substituted for his prescription pad since I last saw him, strolled to the printer while walking me to the door, and handed me a slip of paper to take to the pharmacy.

I waited 20 minutes and then the pharmacist presented me with a bag and a request for $192.00. Thanks to my “insurance,” she said, I got $47 off the full price. 

I am an optimist, so assumed for a moment that I had been given a lifetime supply, and that my life was somehow projected by the doctor, insurance company or pharmacy to be a long one. So I was still smiling when I asked how many I was getting, visions of migraine parties dancing in my head.

Nine, the pharmacist said, with a straight face.

You do the math.


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