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LAKE WORTH, FL — Some of the people who brought us proof that Elvis had in fact left the building are claiming he’s back, or at least on the way.

They claim he’s invited — and will show up — at their 3 p.m. Sunday Aug. 31 reunion in Lake Worth’s Brogues pub.

Who knows if they’re right? That seance, where JFK made his thoughts on Ari Onassis known? All right, the tabloids didn’t actually send a reporter. But then, neither did most major news organizations when White House Resident George Bush said Iraq had “nukular” weapons makins.

And, unlike The New YorkTimes, the Washington Post, the networks or anyone else, they did turn out to be right about:

  1. Gary Hart’s “monkey business”
  2. O.J. Simpson’s “ugly ass” Bruno Maglis
  3. Rush Limbaugh’s drug habit
  4. John Edward’s cheating ways
So, though God knows what nearly 30 years of peanut-butter-and-banana-sandwiches have done, and keeping in mind that past 70, he’s now an age that men of healthier ways have earned their obituaries, it’s worth checking.

Stranger things have happened in Palm Beach County.



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