The good life

MANALAPAN, FL — The good life is on display here for anyone who wants to take a stroll on the beach at dawn. This is a beach settled by captains of industry, leaders of commerce.

And sea turtles who nest up against rusting seawalls.

They are greeted in style, here in Manalapan, home of boxing promoter Don King, whose motto “Only in America,” celebrates his right to decorate his backyard however he sees fit.

The America Dream has an even trashier side, reminiscent of the advice given young Ben in The Graduate, by one of his parents’ friends: the future is plastic, particularly here where, tossed from cruise ships, abandoned by beachgoers a bag for a week’s worth of groceries doesn’t hold a tenth of what litters a half mile of shoreline in this prosperous town.


Which might explain, for all the trouble sea turtles’ mothers came to nest here, the young leave home as soon as they can.



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