The definition of stupidity

Supposedly it was Einstein who said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Einstein or not, I have always disagreed. The definition of insanity is not knowing right from wrong.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, I believe, is the definition of stupidity.

As Sen. Barack Obama represents, possibly, this country’s last hope for a decent and dignified future, I hate to think him either stupid or insane, but then last night, turning the channels, I saw him stammering and groping for words, which when he found them, didn’t make much sense.

The occasion, I found, when the camera flitted to the fat smug man to whom he was speaking, was that the senator was explaining his faith, a matter that has no more appropriate place in public discourse than the particulars of his sex life. The man who listened eagerly, smiling with all the pride of master who just taught his dog a humiliating new trick, would like us to think both are vital matters in the policies of our nation.

He is the Pastor Rick Warren, who if he didn’t know it sooner, discovered the power of drivel when his self-help homily “The Purpose-Driven Life,” made him even wealthier than promising to help people get to heaven had.

Warren just came from the International AIDS conference in Mexico City, where he explained the whole awful epidemic could end if people would just stop having sex with anyone but their legally sanctioned mates. As same sex marriage is wrong according to him, for the circular-logic reason that “marriage is for a man and a woman,” the whole solution seems to fall apart right there. That in turn could make you wonder why he bothered to show up at the conference at all, which in turn could cause you to consider the pastor’s motives with some skepticism.

That, in turn would have been a good reason for Sen. Obama not to give the pastor any more opportunity to trivialize important matters.

But he had a better reason, in the person of the last minister who embarrassed him, the Rev. Wright, a man of faith who looks like Mahatma Ghandi when his sentiments are compared to the bigotry-exploiting views of Warren.

The senator also is smart enough to know that dictating faith has sunk nations before.

It is of course worth mentioning, but not surprising that Sen. John McCain spoke to Warren as well.

But we already knew his deficiencies, even if he hadn’t called his wife Cindy a see-you-next-Tuesday in public.


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  2. For me the invite was not a surprise. Obama is a politician first. He will therefore do what is necessary to get the population’s support. This may seem odd, but bear in mind that Obama is also methodical and calculating. When he appears calm, he is actually strategically planning his every move. Obama is not against gay marriage, [he is actually FOR it] but it is best to intercede peacefully than forcefully. Though he may have won with a liberal agenda, he has to be moderate and extending the invite to Warren is one strategic move. Hold on to your seat….there are many more to come.

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